Friday, June 8, 2012

My little Sicko :(

Obviously this is an older photo, but it fairly accurately illustrates how Lucien is feeling today! I don't have friends with kids who have CP so I never know what is "normal" in any given situation. When Lucien gets sick it effects him much more than most typical kids. Even a little cold will create havoc globally. It used to be that he would have toileting accidents a day or 2 before any other symptoms appears. If he had an accident at school, I knew for sure that he was coming down with something. Even though he had attended pre-school and remained fairly healthy, kindergarten was rough. He caught everything that was going around. I was beginning to be concerned that his absences were going to set him back academically. Fortunately, the has enough control that accidents are no longer an issue for him, but it still messes him up. He's healthy most of the time, but when he gets sick now his dystonia gets really bad. He can't feed himself, he has a hard time sitting up, and gait training is a disaster. It effects his speech too. it's more difficult to understand him. It takes Lucien longer to get over an illness than most kids too. A couple of years ago he got the flu (in spite of having had his flu shot) and it took six weeks for him to fully recover.

So, Lucien came home feeling pretty lousy, but he isn't much of a complainer. I think he's glad that he'll get to lay around watching TV, playing video games and eating ice cream for a few days. Does anyone else's kiddo get more sick than most?

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